Module BitcaskOption

module BitcaskOption: sig .. end
bitcask setting management
Author(s): Jonathan Derque


type open_mode =
| Read_write
| Read_only

type bitcask_option = {
   mode : open_mode;
   max_file_size : int64; (*Maximum approximate data file size. When a data file reaches the maximum size, a new data file is created in the store.*)
   create_if_needed : bool; (*create directory if it doesn't exist*)
   ignore_hint_files : bool; (*ignore hint files when loading stores*)
val default_mode : open_mode
default_mode is Read_only
val default_max_file_size : int64
default_max_file_size is 10 megs
val default_create_if_needed : bool
default_create_if_needed is false
val default_ignore_hint_files : bool
default_ignore_hint_files is false
val default_options : bitcask_option
val make_options : ?mode:open_mode ->
?max_file_size:int64 ->
?create_if_needed:bool ->
?ignore_hint_files:bool -> unit -> bitcask_option
make_options () creates a fresh option record with the supplied settings.